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Tyre replacement, fitting and repairs

CWC Servicing and Tyres providing tyre replacement, puncture repairs, wheel inspection and alignment at our garage in Redditch. Taking the time to inspect the condition of your tyres and ensure that they legal to be used on the roads is incredibly important not just for your safety but also to ensure that you are not fined if you are involved in an accident.

By bringing your vehicle into our garage in Astwood Bank, we can examine that your vehicle’s tyres meet all the legal requirements and safe to be used on the roads. If needed, our team can advise and recommend quality new and used tyres if needed which are best suited to your vehicle.

Checking the condition of your tyres

Regularly checking the condition of your tyres is a job that should not be forgotten about, by checking the tread depth around the tyre, you can discover whether they need to replacing. It’s important that you do a visual inspection of not just your tyres, but your wheel angles, brakes and balancing in case there are other components that might be affecting your car’s tyres.

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If caught driving a vehicle with tyres with a tread depth lower than 1.6mm which is the legal limit, you can find that your vehicle insurance is no longer valid and if involved in an accident, you may find yourself to be at fault.

Along with driving around on illegal tyres which could lead to an invalidation of your insurance, driving on tyres with a low tread depth can also reduce the performance of your vehicle, taking longer to brake, accelerate and reduce the effectiveness of steering.

To check the overall condition, there are five quick tests you can conduct to discover their overall condition. Check the overall condition of the tyres, check the thread depth is illegal, check the tyre pressure, check for sign of irregular wear and check the condition of the spare tyre.

Part Worn Tyres, Budget and Premium Tyres

We provide new and part worn tyres for customers that need their tyres replacing after inspection. We can supply a wide range of part worn or new tyres that suit any budget. We will always tailor the type of tyres to your car make and model so that you get the quality you need for maximum performance.

Wheel Refurbishment

We provide wheel refurbishment at our Redditch Garage for our customers. If you’ve booked in for a tyre change at CWC Servicing and Tyres, we can provide wheel refurbishment at the same time. Got some scuffs or marks on your alloys? We have the equipment and expertise to get your wheels back to their original condition.

Wheel alignment

Along with our mechanics checking the overall condition of your tyres, our team are also able to check that the vehicle’s wheel alignment is set to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

The wheel alignment, also known as tracking, aligns the tyres straight and parallel to the road and can be knocked out of place through everyday driving and hitting potholes and kerbs.

Drivers will be aware that their wheel alignment is out of place by their vehicle pulling to one side whilst driving. Along with making their drive more tiring, driving a vehicle with an out of place wheel alignment can result in the tyres on one side of the vehicle wearing quicker than those on the other side.

With tyres wearing quicker on a vehicle with misaligned wheel tracking, driving your car will cost you more money spent on fuel as the engine is struggling to run efficiently. If want to speak to our knowledgeable team about the condition of your tyres, or if you believe that your wheel alignment is out of sync, then contact our experienced team today or book online with CW Servicing and Tyres.

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