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Reliable vehicle servicing – full, interim and major services

At CWC Servicing & Tyres we understand the importance of regularly servicing your vehicle to guarantee that it runs to its ultimate capacity and reduces the chances of a potential breakdown or manufacture later in the future. We provide full, interim and major van and car servicing on all makes and models of vehicle for customers in Redditch.

Our range of service options allows for customers with different usage and mileage to get the service that they need and tailor it to their vehicle. Regular vehicle servicing ensures that your car has a longer lifespan and runs efficiently all year round, saving you money. By regularly servicing your vehicle you can be sure that any faults within the vehicle, whether big or small are discovered and repaired so that there are no nasty surprises later on.

Finding problems and car repairs

Many faults within your vehicle which lead to a potential breakdown or your vehicle becoming unsafe to be driven on the road, begins as a much smaller fault. Conducting regular vehicle servicing, these small faults can be discovered early on before any substantial damage can occur.

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Full, interim and major car servicing

We provide interim, full and major car servicing for all makes and models of vehicle. It is recommended that an interim service is conducted every 6 months or 5,000 miles. It is often referred to as a basic oil and filter change, but additional checks are conducted to ensure that your car run smoothly. Ideally suited to those who travel frequently and rack up lots of miles between one year, an interim service helps to keep your car ticking over until your full car service.

A full car service is recommended once every year or 12,000 miles and includes additional checks to vital components within your vehicle. We also offer major car servicing which includes spark plug checks and is recommended every 2 years. For a detailed breakdown of our recommended service schedules, check our car service schedules online by entering your car registration. Not sure what service you need? Check our out ‘choose a service’ option, or simply give us a call.

Use our online booking tool by simply entering in your registration, and you can check when your car MOT date is coming up. You can book up to 28 days before your MOT is due so that you get a full 13 months MOT cover.

Regular vehicle servicing, a financial gain in the future

Regularly servicing your vehicle is not just recommended in ensuring that your vehicle is running to its ultimate capacity and to guarantee your safety on the roads. By having evidence of servicing having been completed on a frequent basis can help to sell your vehicle for 20% more than the same make and model of vehicle when the time comes to sell.

A vehicle with a service handbook full of up to date stamps and details of all work completed can help the vehicle sell for more than the same vehicle without evidence of any completed work. At CW Servicing and Tyres we always use original manufacturer parts or equivalent so that the quality always stays at a high level.

Fleet Servicing

We also provide full, interim and major servicing for fleet vehicles including cars, vans and 4x4s. We understand the importance of how quickly you need your vehicle’s back on the road and provide fast and efficient servicing for all fleet vehicles. If you need a fast turnaround with quality servicing, contact CWC Servicing and Tyres for all fleet car servicing and diagnostics.

Booking your car service

If you are thinking of booking your vehicle in for a much-needed vehicle servicing then look no further than CWC Servicing & Tyres. Our highly trained mechanics along with the latest equipment available are able to conduct quality and accurate servicing to the highest standard.

Don’t just take our word on it, check out our reviews! New and regular customers can be positive that their car is in the safest hands. If you have any questions about the condition of your vehicle or wish to speak to our friendly team about which package best suits your cars needs, then contact us or book online today.

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