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Car diagnostics and fault finding tools in Redditch

At our garage in Redditch, we use the latest engine diagnostic equipment to find and fix any fault that might be affecting the overall running of your vehicle. If you’ve got warning lights appearing on your vehicle or you are suffering from problems with your car, then we can help diagnose the problem and get your vehicle back on the road.

Warning lights on your dashboard

Over time a fault can occur within your vehicle that you may be unable to diagnose. By using diagnostic testing equipment, our mechanics are able to quickly find the fault by looking onto your vehicle’s built-in computer.

When warning lights appear on your dashboard, your car is letting you know there is an error somewhere in the system. Each symbol can be related to a number of different components which is why we use the latest technology in engine diagnostics so that we can get to the source of the problem as soon as possible.

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Latest diagnostic equipment

At CWC Servicing & Tyres, our mechanics with the use of the latest diagnostic equipment, so that we can quickly find the source of the fault and offer our customers only 100% accurate findings.

Our highly trained mechanics can then hook up your vehicle’s computer system to the technology allowing faster and more accurate diagnosis of your vehicle problems. We can save you time and money by avoiding time spent wasted manually looking for the fault, using that time instead to begin work to fix the fault.

Many faults which may be highlighted on your vehicle’s dashboard are not always serious, instead, they could be presenting an issue with the vehicles oil and water levels. However, it’s important to get these issues checked out as soon as possible, as leaks could be affecting other components within your engine bay.

Car repairs

Once we’ve found the fault within your vehicle, we’ll contact you with the results along with prices inclusive of labour and VAT. We won’t do any work on your car without full approval to go ahead with the repairs. We also might need to order in additional parts, so we want to let you know if your car will be with us longer in the garage. We always use original equipment or equivalent quality parts and lubricants so you can be confident that you’re getting high-quality repairs on your vehicle. Book an engine diagnostic online today with CWC Servicing and Tyres.

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