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Brake repairs and brake pad and disc replacements in Redditch

At CWC Servicing and tyres in Redditch provide brake repairs including brake system repairs, brake pad changes, brake disc replacements and brake checks.

By bringing your vehicle into CWC Servicing & Tyres, our team are able to examine and replace your brakes if needed on all makes and models of vehicles. We provide a comprehensive examination of your brake pads, shoes, discs, calipers, hoses and handbrake to make sure all components are in working order.

Vibrating brakes: If you can feel a vibrating when you apply the brake pedal, the vibration is referred to as pulsating brakes and is caused when the brakes have warped in the heat.

Thin brake pads: By looking through the spokes of the car’s wheel, if you see ¼ inch visible of the brake pads you know that they are too thin and need to be replaced.

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Screeching sound: When the brakes are applied and you can hear a screeching sound, it is also a sign of needing new brake pads. The noise most commonly associated with worn brake pads, the screeching alerts drivers that the metal shim that surrounds that pads is showing signs of wear.

Grinding sound: If a grinding sound or growling noise can be heard when the brakes are applied, this is an indication that both the brake pads and brake discs need to be replaced. The sound is caused when the brake disc and caliper rub and is a sign that the brake pads are severely worn.

Pulling to one side: When the brakes have been applied and your vehicle begins to pull to one side, this could mean one of two things. Either the wheel alignment of your vehicle has been misaligned or that your brake pads have worn down. If when driving and applying the brakes the vehicle begins to pull to one side of the road, this could be your vehicle trying to tell you that one side of brake pads has worn quicker than the other side and needing to be replaced.

Brake repairs at CWC Servicing and Tyres

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or are unsure and wanting your vehicle’s brakes to be examined by a highly trained and experienced mechanics, book an appointment at CWC Servicing & Tyres today, for professional and honest advice. At CWC Servicing and Tyres, we’ll check the whole system including your wheels and alignment to check that there is no other component causing the problems you are experiencing.

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